Natural Stone

Natural Stone is one of the most beautiful and versatile materials for just about any project. Natural Stone can be used for Waterfalls and Streams, Fireplaces and Chimneys, Retaining Walls, Pool Decks, Patios, and more. Natural Stone comes in a rainbow of colors, textures, and styles – like Thin & Thick Veneer, Drystack, River Rock, and Flagging – as well as Landscape Boulders and Slabs to accent any yard. Travertine & More has over 10 kinds of Thin Veneer Architectural Stones in both Random Ashlar and Irregular Mosaic.

Below are some options and styles to fit any size project and budget.

Thin Venner Coyote Grey - Mosaic
Swiss Sparkle

Product Specifications

Product Name: Swiss Sparkle

Also Known As: Steel Gray

Description: A very unusual elegant, dark gray stone with a high concentration of mica flecks.  This creates a dazzling sheen when light is reflected on the surface.

Variations: Hand-Split Thin Veneer, Quarried Building Stone, Irregular Flagstone, Boulders

General Notes: This stone contains high concentrations of iron.  A sealant is recommended to prevent “bleeding”

Tenn. Fieldstone

Product Specifications

Product Name: Tennessee Fieldstone

Also Known As: N/A

Description: A weathered grayish brown with moss and lichens embedded in some of the stone.  Antique and rustic appearance, this stone has numerous corners and is easily installed.

Variations:“>1″ to 2″, 3″ to 6″, 3″ to 6” (Elongated), Stepping Stones, Boulders

General Notes: N/A

Tenn. Strip Rubble - Grey
Virginia Fieldstone
Salem Blend Fieldstone
White Pea Gravel
Silver Brown
Sea Mist Green
Roan Valley Lite
Roan Valley Dark
Raven Ridge
Pisgah Gray
Penn. Fieldstone
Penn. Bluestone - Lilac - Irregular
Penn. Bluestone - Lilac - Ashlar
Penn. Bluestone - Blue - Ashlar
Penn. Bluestone - Full Range - Ashlar
Penn. Bluestone - Full Range - Irregular
New England Blend
New Castle
Mountain Mist
Mountain Cabin
Mountain Brown
Linville Ledgestone
Midnight Blue
Laurel Cabin
Honeycutt Creek
Honeycutt Creek Gravel
Grandfather Ledgestone
Emerald Mountain
Emerald Mountain Ledgestone
Emerald Grey
Emerald Forest
Duke Blend
Dove Grey
Desert Ledgestone
Tenn. Flagging - Grey -Irregular
Tenn. Flagging - Grey - Ashlar
Tenn. Flagging - Brown - Irregular
Chocolate Grey
Tenn. Flagging - Brown - Ashlar
Catawba Grey
Catawba Creek
Catawba Brown
Carolina Rose
Cane River Gravel
Cane River
Black Regency
Autumn Brown
Arkansas Fieldstone - Thick
Thin Veneer Diamondback Ridge - Mosaic
Thin Veneer Grand Cayman - Mosaic
Thin Veneer Lake James - Mosaic
Thin Veneer Mount mitchell Mosaic
Thin Veneer Queensbury - Mosaic
Thin Veneer San Marcos - Mosaic
Thin Veneer Santa Monica - Mosaic
Thin Veneer Southern Eclipse - Mosaic
Thin Veneer St. Thomas - Mosaic
Thin Veneer Coyote Grey - Ashlar
Thin Veneer Diamondback Ridge - Ashlar
Thin Veneer Grand Cayman - Ashlar
Thin Veneer Lake James - Ashlar
Thin Veneer Mount Mitchell - Ashlar
Thin Veneer Queensbury - Ashlar
Thin Veneer San Marcos - Ashlar
Thin Veneer Santa Monica - Ashlar
Thin Veneer Southern Eclipse - Ashlar
Thin Veneer St. Thomas - Ashlar
Bark Ledger Corner

Bark Corners – 4pcs./ bx. – 6″x16″ ea.

Bark Ledger Panel

Bark Ledgerstone Panels – 4sq.ft./bx – 6″x24″ea.

Black Quartzite Leder Corner

Black Qrtz. Ledgerstone Corners – 6pcs./bx. – 6″x16″ea.

Black Quartzite Ledger Panel

Black Quartz Ledgerstone Panels – 8sq.ft./ bx. – 6″x24″ea.

Rust Ledger Corner

Rust Ledgerstone Corners – 4pcs./bx. – 6″x16″ea.

Rust Ledger Panel

Rust Ledgerstone Panels – 4sq.ft./ bx – 6″x24″ea.

Slate Ledger Corner

Slate Ledgerstone Corners – 6pcs./bx. – 6″x24″ ea.

Slate Ledger Panel

Slate Ledgerstone Panels – 8sq.ft./ bx. – 6″x24″ea.

Smoke Grey Ledger Panel

Smoke Ledgerstone Panels – 7sq.ft./bx. – 6″x24″ea.